To the loved ones of whose who are ill or struggling.

Hi everyone

We are the first to admit it’s difficult to be around us at time. A lot of people have left us or are angry at us or just downright hate us for being the way we are but I assure you that we are trying and we know we are hard work. We are the ones who will cancel last minute, make what you deem ‘excuses’, kick off about things that to you, are superficial. We can’t keep up with you and we go on about our health a lot because it hurts us, a lot. More than you could ever know, more than we have ever verbalised.

We may ask for help or need a friend even though we do all this and you’ll probably think ‘everyone else can do that, why should I help them? They are just being lazy’. Laziness is our enemy. The accusation of laziness knocks us sick and makes us feel like we are nothing, we are not deserving of help because we must be ‘lazy’. It hurts to be questioned by your close family and friends when the whole world is already questioning you. It takes a lot of strength to admit when you need help, we don’t do it to inconvenience you or for a laugh.

We are exhausted. We’ve been prodded and poked until they ran out of things to poke us with. Our bones are stone and our muscles are tar under our skin. You can’t see this, you will never see this, but you have to know. You have to know that when you say it’s not ‘fair’ that we don’t do certain things for you or help every time we should because we say we are too tired or leave something longer than you and you think ‘it’s not fair that they don’t do this when I do this all the time’, our lives are not fair. I’m sure yours isn’t either.

When we blame everything on our illness, we are not making an excuse or using the illness as an excuse to get out of things. We try so hard not to let the disease consume us and define us but it affects every lift of our fingers. The moments you forget we are ill are moments we can think of nothing else. The moments that you say ‘oh you look fine, you can do this’ are moments we are struggling to stand.

Have you ever not slept for a long time and you start to get overly emotional when there’s a dog on an advert or you get mad that someone didn’t put a cup back where it was, you know, when you’re really getting to that point of passing out. That is what we feel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The slightest thing can tip us over the edge and leave you thinking ‘what the hell was that about’ and we HATE being like this. We hate that everything is so raw and real. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ve been forgiven for being overtired at one time or another.

Now, this isn’t me slagging able people off because I know that everyone has struggles in their life and maybe even some of this applies to you even though you’re not ill or maybe you have something you wish you could tell us, I know I only have my point of view.

9 times out of 10, you’re doing a great job and God knows how appreciative we are that you fought all odds and decided to be our friend. We love you so much and we try so hard to be good friends, to always be there for you, to keep up with you and everything else but it’s not straightforward. Nothing about us is straight forward.





(I just found this blog post in my drafts and thought I’d post it)


Let’s talk Anxiety. My Advice to you.

Hello everyone

I know I speak a lot on this blog about physical illness but I really think it’s crucial to regularly discuss mental health. Anxiety plays a huge role in so many different peoples lives and does not discriminate. Doesn’t matter if you are a man, a woman, any other gender, black, white, from the North Pole, you can have anxiety and not to put a downer on things but even if you don’t have anxiety now, you could get anxiety in the future. So, it’s important to know what’s going on and have a read up on what you can do if it ever strikes you but also to know steps to take if it happens to anyone around you.

The anxiety I’m talking about here is not normal day-to-day nervousness about an important job interview or performing in front of an audience. It’s the anxiety that is irrational and unpredictable. The kind of anxiety that rips your stomach to shreds and renders you silent. The kind of anxiety where you can’t breath and the world is spinning and you honestly believe for a second that you’re going to die.

I have dealt with anxiety. Here I’m just going to share some advice that has helped me a long the way.

Slowly edge yourself into doing the things that cause you anxiety

This may seem a bit obvious but it’s really hard to take those first steps on your journey of learning to deal with anxiety. Some people find it helpful to just throw themselves off the deep end but with me, it’s a very gradual, slow process that I’m still trying to figure out to this day. I have agoraphobia and a few years ago I ended up housebound due to anxiety. I had to take such small steps to even go into my garden but I built myself up, until I was able to go out. For example, I stood outside for longer and longer, I got in the car and tested If I could leave in it or not on that day, I went to the corner shop then to a different shop and now I live independently in a city so it does work. Yes, there were blips where I had many a panic attack outside (and still do) but that is where my next tip will come in handy.

Prepare for the worst

There are going to be times where you have to do things you don’t want to. Times where you need to push yourself to go forward. Getting through these times is a hard thing to do but also very important so that you don’t end up back at square one, anxious to go back to that situation where you had a panic attack. Even if you do have a panic attack but you handle it well, you can say to yourself ‘Well, it doesn’t really matter if I panic because last time I was prepared and I handled it’.

 For me that is locating toilets wherever I am to ensure I have a place to go if I do panic, making sure I have a drink or money for a drink, having my phone to occupy my mind if I need. Yours could be anything. Anything that will comfort you. I find that just having these things in place stops panic attacks from happening in the first place because if you are aware that you have those things around you, you won’t panic about what you are going to do if you panic, which is where a lot of panic attacks stem from.

Reward yourself

If you’ve done something you find to be amazing, whether other people think it’s significant or not, you treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy jewellery or anything expensive, maybe just a nice book or a nice relaxed film day on your own. Be kind to yourself. You are learning and you are trying and you deserve the love of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that your achievements aren’t important. I still get excited when I manage to ring someone I would usually be scared to ring and I don’t care if I’m 21 and people think that is stupid.

Tell a friend/family member/school/college/uni/boss

For me, I know it makes me feel better if the people around me know I do suffer from anxiety. It’s good to give the people around you warning in case any panic attack does take place in front of them. The worst thing is when someone doesn’t know and you start to panic and then they panic because they don’t understand what is going on. I even tell close friends and family what I start to do when I begin to panic so they can pick up on it and help me as soon as possible without me even having to say anything. A lot of the time as well, when I personally start to panic, I sometimes can’t actually speak so I try to nonverbally communicate with people so them knowing these ques really does help.

As far as schools/colleges/unis. I think they should be aware as well. You don’t want to get questioned when you’ve run out of a classroom and a teachers come running after you not knowing what you’re doing or if they ask you to stand in front of the class and you faint or something. Not saying you’ll do any of those things if you have anxiety, everyone is different but if you’re the kind of person that those things happen to, it’s good to make sure teachers are aware. I know it can be really hard to speak up and tell people what’s going on with you but it will save you so much stress and worry. Honestly, going out with people who know I have anxiety or being in a classroom with a teacher who knows I could panic really does alleviate a lot of stress.

Write a list of things you would like to achieve

During the time of my life where I was really struggling with anxiety, I used to write little lists of things I wanted to do. Just average tasks for most but they were a big deal to me at the time. I wrote things like ‘get on a bus’ or ‘order food at McDonalds’. Start small and when you’ve completed them, aim higher. Having specific goals to achieve really does bring motivation and gives you a path to go down. When you have anxiety it can feel like everything in the world can make you anxious and you can’t just write a list because it’s everything but you can, it might just take a couple more lists. Get everything down on paper, every little thing and put it in priority order and work from there. Maybe even just getting these thoughts out of your brain so you can see which ones actually look plausible or not will help you as well!

 Accept and love that horrible anxious voice in your head.

Wow, what am I saying right? Love that horrible voice that causes you so much anxiety, pain and even embarrassment? YES. This is an absolute pain to do, but being able to communicate with that voice is an amazing thing to achieve. When you’re going into a situation that could potentially cause anxiety, listen to that voice for a second, tell yourself you hear that voice and you understand it is afraid but you’re not going to let it rule your life. Ask it questions like so ‘What do you think the worst that could happen?’, then pick apart that answer to see if anything is actually logical. If it is, then communicate that it is right, you know it’s nervous about it but it’s okay to feel nervous about it because it’s logical then reassure yourself that everything is going to be okay. Reassure it that you know the exits and you have a bottle of water and you have a plan. Tell it how long you’re going to be in that situation and what you’re going to do afterward to maybe treat yourself for doing it. It’s all good and well getting angry at that voice, screaming at it, pushing past it and forcing yourself into situations but that’s a part of your brain you are hating and you are hating a part of you. Making a part of you negative and building hatred for it within yourself. I’m not saying you can’t conquer anxiety this way because I know people who do but it’s a lot kinder to yourself and more beneficial in the long run to learn to love the worst parts of you as opposed to hating them.

Don’t give up

When you’ve tried to achieve one of your goals, you’ve followed all the advice in the world and you STILL manage to have a panic attack, do not give up. Go back to that place you had a panic attack, try again, make a new plan. If you need to, go back to a starting point and start again until you can try again. There’s not always time to prepare and there’s not always ways to get things you need in case you have a panic attack, it happens to the best of us. Remember you are still breathing, you are okay, it’s not defeated you. It’s awful when you keep trying and you keep getting pushed back down but it’s not the panic attacks that cause anxiety to ‘win’, it’s you staying down, that’s where victory lies. If you scream at the voice inside your head that it’s done this to you and it’s ruining your life then you are telling it that it has won when really what you should to be doing is reminding it that it’s not a war. If you stay down and don’t keep trying to live your life the way you want to, then you are letting that voice believe it is right when what you really should to be doing is questioning it and discussing its irrationality constructively.

I’m sure I’ll think of more advice to give at a later date and I’ll probably do a part two for anxiety tips but I’ll just leave it at that for now so it’s not too overwhelming. If anyone has any questions about anything I’ve mentioned or any other anxiety question, leave me a comment on here or tweet me at @laineyland and I’ll be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Also, I wrote about my mental health experience and some of things I have dealt with over the years here if any of you would like to read a bit about my background or see how I’ve come about gaining my knowledge on anxiety.







Being at your worst. 

Hey everyone. 

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while but I didn’t want to put the words down until I properly figured out what I wanted to say. I still don’t know if this is going to make total sense but I’m going to give it a go and hope it resonates with someone.

What I’m talking about in this post is looking and feeling like you are the worst version of yourself. 

I have felt worse in my life and I have improved drastically but I am constantly reminded of what I have been through every day when I look in the mirror. 

What do I mean? Well, from other people’s perspective they may see nothing but what I see is weight gain from medication, massive bags under my eyes and the grey tinge that has taken over my skin. This is me looking at my worst. Now I’m sure some people would kill to look like me but I am currently unhappy with the way I am right now.

 Despite all this, I try to accept myself and love myself the way I am now and have hope in my heart that I will continue to improve, drop the medication weight and my skin will have colour again. I think it’s important for everyone to do the same. I know it’s hard but it’s possible. If you can love yourself at your worst then you’ll only love yourself even more when you improve in any way, even if it’s only a little thing that’s changed. You are not a lost cause.

A lot of people will leave you during your worst, it’s enviable. Sometimes your worst is all another person can see but do you really want those people in your life? If you are one of those people who would leave someone at their worst, try and imagine them at their best and encourage them to be the best version of themselves they can be, don’t bloody leave them! Or better yet, accept them and love them at their worst.

I have people in my life who love me at my worst and they have stayed for the show. I look forward to showing these people the best possible version of me in the future. Right now, I give the people around me all I can and I’m grateful that that is enough right now but I know that I can do better and I will and you will too. 

Even if you can’t get out of your worst right now, there are still people who will love everything that you are and that is so much more beautiful than someone just coming along when you’re at your peak. Well I think so anyway.




M.E Awareness Month / Day / #MillionsMissing

Hello everyone

May is the month of my birthday and the month of M.E Awareness. I should have really typed up this post and posted it on the 12th as that is the actual awareness day but well, spoons. Sorry.

Anyway, I am currently sat crying. I’m not feeling sorry for myself or crying for anything to do with me but I am crying for the #MillionsMissing. I have said this so many times but I will always try and be a voice for those who can’t speak due to this horrible illness. I sometimes get conscious about what I am doing (selfishly) but then I realise that this is what I need to do. I have no choice but to keep sharing posts, writing on my blog and telling anyone who will listen about M.E. I’ll never give in.

There are people out there confined to one room, unable to speak, unable to move but they are awake and they are in unimaginable pain physically and mentally.

There are people out there who are institutionalised because their country doesn’t believe in this illness or they think it’s all in the head. They think we are crazy. There are people who are DEAD because of this. Either they’ve died of the actual medical condition and it’s complications or they have felt there is no choice other than to take their own life to just get away from the constant agony. I actually think they are both the same thing. The M.E is killing them one way or another. I don’t think people actually understand the severity of this condition. I’m not saying everyone with this condition is destined to die because of it but hasn’t there been enough already for someone to do something about it?

This is an illness that could hit you or your mum or your brother TOMORROW and will effect you for the rest of your life and no one has any idea what to do about it. More needs to be done, right now. More people need to recognise the condition and agree that it is real and it is here. You can not shut us behind closed doors and call us lazy behind our backs. Not anymore.

I may not have money to give or energy to run a marathon for charity but I sure do have a loud mouth and fast thumbs and I intend to use them.

The 25th is a global day of protest for the #millionsmissing and sufferers of M.E and I urge you to join the movement, even if it’s just a tweet about it. Read more about it here:

If you are reading this and you know nothing about what I’m talking about, go on google right now and read about ME/CFS. Read how it affects so many lives and what little research is being done on it. Type it in on YouTube and see the faces of the people suffering from this disease. Listen to what we have to say. Read some posts on my blog. Read other blogs. Open your eyes.

Here’s some websites that can give you some more info:

About ME

What is ME?

If one more person on this Earth knows what M.E is after writing this then I have succeeded.

To all those fighting out there, I am with you every step of the way.





Exam Season

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t realised already (or if you’re not a student), it’s exam season. Whether you’re already in full swing or they are coming up in the next week or two, I have some tips that have helped me so that can help you do the best you can. 

1) Stick everything everywhere

I currently have pieces of paper plastered all over my wall. Whether it be print outs or handmade posters, go wild. Having information everywhere helps bits and bobs go in here and there and will give you an edge if you need a few more marks

2) Plan your attack

How are you going to well and truly own your exams? What do you need to do? I recommend writing down every topic you need to revise and keeping a checklist. Using this you can see how many topics you have to cover in a week and roughly how long it will take you 

3) Have the right kit

Everything is on computers nowadays. Update your revision tactics by using a computer based note taking application such as Microsoft OneNote. You can highlight important details, make checklists, type up notes neatly and can add information in while you expand your knowledge instead of writing up a topic by hand and realising you’ve forgot to add something so you have write it on another page completely separate. 

4) Find your flow

I’d take a good amount of time to figure out what type of learner you are. Do you learn by reading? Listening? Watching? There’s options for everyone. Readers can use colour coding, there’s podcasts for the listeners and online lectures for the watchers. I’m sure there’s lots more different methods you can use, just search for a while until one sticks

5) YouTube

My biggest tip is probably to utilise, scratch that, absolutely hammer YouTube. Videos about every topic are on there for you to watch from the comfort of your phone. There’s online lectures for most subjects and if not, there’s documentaries, educational videos, news, tutorials etc etc need I go on? 

I highly recommend Crash Course and also Khan Academy. These two channels have a range of different subjects to choose from and the videos are really simple to follow with visual tools to help you grasp the topic. 

6) Don’t isolate yourself

It can be really easy during this time to lock yourself away so you can revise in peace but if you’re feeling stressed or need a hand with anything, speak to those around you. Get your worries about your exams off your chest. You’re trying to fill up with information and if you’re filling up with worry instead, it’s not a good combination. It’s obviously normal to be nervous about exams but try to make sure you don’t drown in textbooks and highlighter ink. 

7) Sleep

Everyone either knows someone who’s done an all nighter before an exam or has done it themselves. Guys, you really need to get even a couple of hours before your exams.Studies have found that your brain processes the information that was learned in the day and transfers it to long term memory so it’s really important to let your brain do this so you can remember more. More sleep also means higher concentration and focus and you just won’t feel like you’ve been on a 3 day bender so it’s win win really isn’t it? 

8) Dont compete

My last tip is not to compete with others on your course or feel you have to do better than anyone else. You don’t. You need to do YOUR best, not THEIR best. Focus on yourself and forget what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t matter. They are not on your path and you are not on theirs. Even if they are your best friend, everyone has a different life and everyone has to go on different routes to get success. Accept the process and trust in your own ability and if it doesn’t go to plan, don’t give up! 

I hope these small tips are helpful and you all do fabulously! Sending good luck and positive vibes to everyone studying right now! 




Antidepressants: A guide to starting your new medication.

Hello everyone.

At the ripe old age of 20, I have been on antidepressants for 6 years. A lot of people will need antidepressants at some point in their life so I’m here to take you through the steps of what happens when you get your medication. Antidepressant medications vary a lot but often have similar symptoms when you first get prescribed them. Some have less symptoms than others and hey, you might be a lucky one who gets no symptoms at all and the medication does what it needs to do, end of story. I really hope that is you.. but… if it’s not, this is for you.

Antidepressants come in many different forms. Some of the main types are

  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
  • serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)
  • tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs)
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
  • reversible monoamine oxidase A inhibitors (rMAO-A inhibitors)
  • tetracyclic antidepressants(TeCAs)
  • noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant (NaSSAs)

Really long and weird names I know but that’s the information for you. From what I’ve heard and seen, the majority of people will primarily get put on an SSRI such as:

  • Citalopram
  • Fluvoxamine
  • Escitalopram
  • Paroxetine
  • Sertraline
  • Fluoxetine

My first was escitalopram. I was placed on a relatively low dose to begin with. I can’t quite remember what it was because well, I was 14 but I know they did it so I could get used to the drug first before upping the dose to get the desired effect. I didn’t last long on it due to the side effects it gave me and was swiftly moved onto Citalopram. You can read about my mental health experience along with what happened to me personally when I started on antidepressants here and more recently when I started taking a new antidepressant (Mirtazapine – an NaSSA/TeCA) here.

Anyway, welcome to the world of antidepressants. I know, if you’re starting to take them, that you must be going through a hard time in your life. Maybe you’re suffering depression, anxiety, a mood disorder, all of the above or something else completely but you’re here now and I promise you’ll come out of the other side. Although you may be experiencing some less than wonderful side effects from your pills, they can also be an absolute life saver so push through it as much as you can (obviously at the discretion of your health care professional. If you are having an allergic reaction or any strange side effects, PLEASE consult your doctor straight away.. now.).

My first recommendation when you begin taking medication is to give yourself time to adjust. If you can, take a week off work or school so you can be relaxed and focused on your goal. You may not need the whole week and feel fine or you may need longer. It’s so important in this process to relax and stay calm. I know we are in a busy world and a lot of people can’t take a week off whenever they like but I really do recommend this. If you go to work on your first few days and put out the feelers and end up fine then that’s great but if you feel like it’s too much, do not put pressure on yourself, especially at this time.

Another thing you should take into consideration is bringing a friend or family member on board to help you with your journey. Someone who knows your situation and won’t get offended if you start screaming at them for no apparent reason. I’m really sorry if this is scaring you off the pills but it’s reality. Some people might get the mighty mighty mood swings. Someone to check on you routinely, make sure you’re okay, you have food, water and whatever else you need. This doesn’t even really have to be a real life friend, it could be an internet friend who skypes you once a day or something just to speak about what’s going on.

Next I want to talk about being consistent. Take your pills (as prescribed by a doctor) every day at the correct time for the first month at least. You can afford to miss the odd one or take one at the wrong time after that, I mean, we’re not perfect. It is really important to be consistent during this time so your chemical levels can adjust properly and the drug can begin to work effectively. You may feel incredibly sick, you may feel dizzy and tired but you have to keep going. Don’t miss a day.

That brings me onto hydration. Many people experience nausea and sickness in the first few weeks of taking their medication and most of the time, it’s really nothing to worry about. One thing to focus on at this time is adequate hydration. If you’re throwing up, you have to drink water or any liquid you can face to keep your hydration levels up. The better you look after your body during this time, the quicker you’ll bounce back. Make sure you are eating also. This can be very important on some of the medications and could also help that nausea if you take your prescription with food.

If you suffer from depression, the side effect of taking an antidepressant can actually be more depression. This is another reason why you will probably need another person on board to check you are okay. Also another good reason for you to take a time out. It may feel like the world is ending and you hate yourself and everyone when first taking antidepressants but this usually doesn’t last long. It’s another one of those things you’re going to have to push through I’m afraid. If you’re worsened depression lasts longer than 3 weeks, I really would go back to the doctor as it can be very dangerous.

This all sounds really dreary and sad but trust me, when that medication is working properly and is in your system and is the right medication for you, it really does make all the difference. I went from being too afraid to leave my house or speak to hardly anyone to living independently in a city with friends with the help of correct medication (and counselling for a short while). I still struggle with things on a day to day basis and still suffer with panic attacks, although the severity of the actual attack has decreased and I can deal with the symptoms a lot better but I am here and I’m living my life better than I ever could before.

If you’re reading this and you’re unsure whether to try medication options or not, I really would give it a shot. If it doesn’t work for you or you just don’t want to, there’s lots of other options too. Please don’t read this and think that I’m pushing drugs on people because I’m well aware a lot of people don’t trust medication like this or don’t want to be putting these things in their bodies which is fine by me but some people do want to, like I did so I’m just here to help.

I really hope this can one day help someone get through a hard time,




My favourite bloggers/youtubers who talk about Invisible/Chronic Illness/Disability

Hey everyone.

I know in hard times, everyone wants support and during my time with health problems, I found great comfort in watching youtube videos and reading blogs from people going through similar experiences to me. In fact, I just found comfort from watching YouTube in general but those YouTubers out there with illnesses/who speak about illness really have helped me a lot.


Here is a list of youtubers who I enjoy that have mentioned chronic illness/invisible illnesses/disabilities on their channels:

Channon Rose

Channon Rose On Chronic Pain


Channon Rose is one of my favourite youtubers and still would be even if she never mentioned chronic pain. She is a bright, beautiful woman who unfortunately had a car accident when she was younger and broke her back. She still to this day suffers from chronic back pain as a result and mentions this frequently on her channel and also in her book. Channon’s spirit, positivity and perseverance gives me hope and has helped me through a lot of things in my life.

Meg Says

Meg on ‘What Having M.E is really like’


Meg is a beauty blogger/health blogger who also has a youtube channel. She has spoken about M.E on her channel in the past and continues to raise awareness for the condition on most, if not all of her social media. She currently has almost 40,000 subscribers and is really getting the message out there for all us spoonies! I really recommend checking her out and following her as I’m sure she’s going to go on to do amazing things.

Hayley Eszti

Hayley in the news raising awareness for M.E


Hayley is another beauty blogger with M.E but she really is so much more. She has been all over the news talking about her experience with M.E. She really helps me and I’m sure a lot of others realise that no matter what illness you have, you are still beautiful and you can do whatever you want in life. She posts about a lot of different topics including fashion, beauty, life advice and I’m sure if you checked out the rest of the her blog you can see the list goes on and on!


Emma Blackery

Emma has been one of my favourite YouTubers for many years. She has been suffering from ME/CFS for a while but has only recently been diagnosed. I actually wrote a blog post a couple of months ago about. You can read that HERE. This girl has a huge following and her merely mentioning the illness brings so much attention to the cause. Her video coming out about having ME/CFS used to be public but is now unlisted but can be found HERE. She has a second channel and also a gaming channel and I recommend subscribing to all of her channels. Some people may claim she is representing the chronic illness community badly due to not living up to their ‘standards’ of chronic illness but I find that notion ridiculous and I wish her all the best. Emma actually helped another YouTuber realise his condition: Watch here.


Nerd Cubed

Dan is primarily a gaming YouTuber and is also good friends with Emma Blackery. He too suffers from ME although I’m not too certain as to his backstory surrounding his condition. He seems a lovely man from his videos and he has also lost a lot of weight over the years potentially WITH his illness so MAD PROPS to him. A lot of know how hard it is to shift extra pounds when you feel like if you move your head, the end will be nigh. He really inspires me and helps me believe that I’m not stuck at my current weight and I can improve my health in the weight aspect.


Justine has been a YouTuber for a very long time and a very popular one at that. She can be seen online at her best and at her worst. She has documented a lot of her MS on her main channel and also on her second channel KickingGeese. I remember her blogs from years ago where she describes the struggles of problems such as Bell’s Palsy but also makes light of a horrible situation. I really love this in her and I know a lot of people in the chronic illness community laugh at themselves and our weird and wonderful symptoms sometimes.


Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone recently came to my attention after her makeup tutorial showing her applying makeup (amazingly might I add) despite her condition and defying odds went viral. She can’t open or bend her hands/fingers and still manages to apply a full face of makeup seemingly effortlessly. Jordan is tetrapelgic and has been using a wheelchair since she was in a car accident. My Beautiful Struggle has more than 5 million views to date and she continues to inspire people all over the world. She even attracts attention from the celeb world with Kylie Jenner posting a picture of Jordan to her instagram. Alongside her beauty videos, Bone is always raising awareness for people with disabilities and always promoting a positive message.


There’s a lot more people out there who write amazing chronic illness blogs and there’s many videos online that spoonies have made on the subject. I really recommend searching through some of the material online and finding what really touches you and helps you.

I hope you have a lovely day,